The types of personal information we collect
We only collect personal information if it is necessary for one of our functions or activities. The type of personal information we collect will depend on the reason for collection (examples below). Generally, the types of personal information we collect will include name, contact details and records of communication with us.

For example:
▪ If you use or participate in any of our programs, we may collect your name, contact details, details of your guardian (if applicable), financial details (if necessary to confirm your eligibility for our programs), information about your circumstances, and information about the matter you are seeking assistance with.
▪ If the purpose for collection is related to registration and correspondence (hard copy and electronic newsletters), or referrals, we may collect your name, telephone numbers, street and email address, occupation, and any other information you may provide from time to time.
▪ If you are applying for a job with us, we may collect information you include in your job application (including your cover letter, resume, contact details and referee reports), and information about your police record, Working With Children Check, ‘Blue Card’ (or relevant state-specific child safeguarding checks as may apply) before we can offer you employment.
▪ If you are applying for a volunteer position with us, we may collect information you include in your volunteer application (including your cover letter, resume, contact details and referee reports), and information about your police record, Working with Children Check, ‘Blue Card’ (or relevant state-specific child safeguarding checks as may apply) before we can offer you a volunteer placement.
▪ If you send us an enquiry, we may collect your name, contact details, information about your circumstances and details of your query.
▪ If you make a complaint, we may collect your name, contact details, the details of your complaint, information collected in any investigation of the matter and details of the resolution of the complaint.
▪ If you participate in our surveys, we may collect your name, organisation contact details and your survey responses.

Sensitive information
Some personal information, such as information relating to racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or affiliations, health information (including mental health information and information about a disability), and whether or not you have a criminal record is sensitive and requires a higher level of protection under the Privacy Act. We may collect your sensitive information when we have your consent and when the collection is reasonably necessary for us to carry out one or more of our functions or activities.
Sensitive information may be relevant to our assessment of whether a recipient is eligible for our programs, or for an employment or volunteer position.


There is a solution… 

Are you stressed out and at the end of your tether, watching your child loose self-worth and confidence because they're: 

Struggling at school or home-schooling?

Not engaging or flowing with learning?

Not fitting into mainstream education?

does your teen struggle with how they are learning?

Imagine this place where your child transforms as an engaged and emerging self-directed and confident individual, making purposeful and responsible decisions, being accountable for their actions and making a meaningful impact in their life and the lives of others.

Imagine them thriving and shining, achieving the potential they had once been unable to access, and being able to significantly impact their life moving forward.

Imagine your child confidently preparing for their next steps in life towards returning to school, further education, a job, a career, self-employment or other pursuits they endeavour to follow.



For teens who develop best through diverse styles of learning and who do not thrive in mainstream education, The Academy of E-Generative Learning is launching during the year of 2021 and will be offering a range of inspiring, engaging and life-changing learning opportunities through our Learning Hubs.

Our purpose-designed Learning Hub solutions engage, inspire and prepare teens for life!

Increase your child’s chance for success in 2021 & beyond

E-GEN Learning

This is the place where your child will develop the motivation, skills and proficiency to become the captain of their own learning and development forever!

Does your child have a diverse learning style and needs (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia)?
If not diagnosed, do you suspect your child may have one of these ways of learning?

Are they of average or above average intelligence?
Is your child finding the way they are being taught, difficult to comprehend and process?
Do you know or feel that your child has potential to thrive more than they are?
Is mainstream school supporting and accelerating your child’s academic, emotional and social learning and development?

Are you unsure of what and how to teach your home-schooled teen?
Is your teen home-schooled or transitioning to home-schooling?
Are you considering other educational options/solutions for your teen?

I have very exciting news to share with you that may change your life and your child’s life forever!

It doesn't have to be a struggle to learn!

KIDS WHO are not taught the way they learn, STRUGGLE!
Kids who are taught the way they learn, can thrive and shine! FINDING THE RIGHT SOLUTION IS where E-Gen can help! 

there is a solution...


Learning & Development that truly matters!

All learning and development covered within E-Gen Learning Hubs (small group and one-on-one sessions) meets the requirements of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

The VRQA guidelines set out eight learning areas that must be covered within any style of learning program, whether it be in a mainstream school, an alternative learning school or a home-school environment. These eight learning areas are:

• English
• Mathematics
• Sciences including physics, chemistry and biology  
• Humanities and social sciences including history, geography, economics and 

Our teaching and coaching approaches are well-researched, evidence-based and proven over decades to be successful approaches to teach and coach children with diverse learning styles and needs.  

Learning is uniquely
& specifically designed

tailored to meet the learning styles & needs of diverse learners


 business, civics and citizenship 

• The Arts
• Languages
• Health and physical education

including history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship

• English
• Mathematics
• Sciences including physics, 

• Humanities and social sciences 

chemistry and biology  

Each student will have a MASTERY LEARNING PLAN that  includes:

All of your child’s Learning Hub objectives mapped to the eight learning areas. 

1. The E-GEN Learning Framework

This is unique to your child. The Learner in collaboration with their Learning & Development Coach sets regular learning and development intentions, goals which are recorded as an ongoing progress. This process allows the Learner to keep track of their own development and instils a sense of ownership, pride and connection with their own learning and development. 

2. Learning & Development Journal 

These are documents provided by Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, etc, that contribute to guiding each E-Gen Facilitator’s approach to coaching and teaching the Learner. Recommendations including diagnosis outcomes, assistive technologies, learning style approaches, learning needs, etc, are imperative for E-Gen to provide your child with a tailored approach for their learning and development journey with us.  

3. Professional Reports 

Is a collaborative workshop for the Learner, their Parent(s)/Carer(s) and the Learning Coach to discuss and view the Learner’s cumulative progress and to celebrate their milestones.  

4. E-GEN Learning & Development Celebration

Imagine the impact this kind of learning environment would have on your child now and how it would set them up for life! 

through the lens of YOU.

to create meaning and purpose.

your uniqueness.

with impact. 



E-generative learning

The Academy of E-Generative Learning

At this point in time, we will be offering three E-GEN Learning opportunities:

A group of ten Learners attending between three to five full days (number of days will be confirmed closer to the enrolment stage).

Ideally suited to teens who will not attend mainstream school and whose parents/carers are not in a position to provide a full home-school solution for their child.

A group who attends weekly part-time Learning Hubs that cater for large groups. Enrolment numbers will be guided by Covid restrictions at the time.

Ideally suited to teens who are waiting for a full-time position with E-Gen, being home-schooled and are wanting to supplement their child’s education with learning and coaching opportunities that E-Gen has to offer at the time, for those teens who are attending mainstream school part time.

One or more sessions of specialist Literacy, Numeracy and Creativity & Mindset coaching.

Ideally suited to teens who are attending E-Gen or those who attend mainstream education or who are home-schooling and are wanting a specialist coaching program to develop their child’s academic, creative, innovative and mindset capabilities.

We are beyond excited to be offering these opportunities and we truly look forward to the day when our doors will be ready to open in 2021.

Register today to receive newsletters updating you with our progress.

a life-impacting opportunity

In 2021 applications will open up for 12 to 16 year olds who match the E-GEN learner profile.




I have travelled this road too – fearing there was no solution for my child. I experienced the frustrations, heartache and dead ends of a mainstream education system that did not meet the learning needs of my child. I searched high and low for what would give my child a chance to succeed and be happy. I saw a happy, enthusiastic learner present with depression and mental health challenges when his academic, emotional and social needs were not met. It was soul destroying.

Michelle Heriot here,
Head of The Academy of E-Generative Learning (E-GEN)

sometimes known as the Chief Navigating Officer (CNO)


We used it before the hipsters did.



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Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?


Having a child who is stressed, anxious and possibly traumatised by learning and education is one of the toughest places to be navigating, for you and for them. 

Fast forward to now – we finally discovered a solution that is inspiring my child to engage in learning and life again. He is happy, achieving academic and emotional success and as a result is gradually regaining the confidence and self-worth he once had. There is still a way to go, but what a massive relief it is to finally have glimpses of our happy child back and moving towards a life of inspiration! 

As a parent, would you agree that you want your child to be happy and healthy in mind and body and have opportunities in their education and social life that help to set them up for a prospering adulthood?

It all changed when we took control

What I have to share with you may take this stress and anxiety away and impact you and your child’s life forever. It may be the life-changing solution you and your child need for this period in their life that will address their education, personal development and wellbeing needs. 

We want our kids to be happy

Where is your teen at right now with their academic, emotional and social experience?

Are they currently at school, home-schooling, transitioning between the two, or are you considering alternative education options for them?

Is your teen experiencing apathy, boredom, stress, anxiety or trauma from their learning or schooling?

freedom to thrive 

•is happy and thriving in his/her current learning environment?
•is learning the way she/he naturally learns, progressing through phases of mastery?
•is learning in an environment that matches his/her personality and learning needs?
•trusts and has faith in his/her teachers, coaches and learning environment?
•is socially connecting with her/his peers?
•feels safe, is engaged and inspired?
•regularly looks forward to attending his/her learning environment.

Are you ready?

Imagine the time when you can say

My Child...


I believe that every child has the right to thrive and shine! 

Michelle Heriot


All children thrive on diverse ways of learning – learning that has purpose and meaning and that explores and expands their unique selves, learning that inspires and motivates them academically, emotionally and socially. 

There are many commonalities experienced by families with kids who do not fit mainstream education. Children who are intelligent and meet the academic criteria for mainstream schools BUT struggle to learn the way schools teach or can’t seem to adapt to the classroom environment or have been victim to negative experiences like bullying.

Your child is at risk



It will take decades for mainstream education to change its ways in order for our children to feel safe, trusting, nurtured and supported the way they need and deserve. 

There’s only so much you and any engaged professional can do, and sadly, most mainstream schools and educators are not equipped nor prepared to remediate many of these issues.

Which of these would you tick as having been experienced by your teen? 

Struggling to learn in one or more learning areas, particularly Literacy/English reliant subjects and Mathematics?

Not able to adapt to focus in a large, noisy distractive environment

Acting out – developing a role as ‘the class clown’

Flying under the radar, remaining unnoticed

Their behaviour is being misunderstood/misinterpreted as being lazy

School learning and remedial interventions are not working

Complaining of boredom and feeling unchallenged

Underachieving – not reaching what you believe is their true potential

Refusing to attend school, complaining of stomach pain, headaches
Episodes of anxiety usually triggered by school events

Experiencing stress with learning and school generally

Disengagement from learning and their peers

Feels unsafe and lacking trust in their place of learning

Being bullied by peers and/or teachers

Lowering self-worth and confidence

Disconnecting from interests and social connections

Displaying defiant behaviour

Showing nervous habits, like biting nails, etc

Expressing depressive language and emotions

Experiencing chronic anxiety, panic attacks and meltdowns

These signs must be addressed and remediated immediately to save your child from travelling the downhill trajectory. 

hope and opportunity opening in 2021

The academy is opening during 2021
Time to register your interest

Academy of e-generative learning