E-Gen began in 2020 with Michelle Heriot’s life-long and strong desire to reform education. 

E-Gen  allows for learners to engage and be inspired and motivated to shine and thrive, in complete contrast to the mainstream education paradigm that does not cater for a diverse range of needs.




I am the HEAD of E-GEN (sometimes known as the Chief Navigating Officer).
My vision to establish E-GEN emerges from a turbulent AND fulfilling personal and professional journey travelled many years.

 I draw on:
+ My personal struggles as a learner and how I came to discover I have dyslexia, dysgraphia and attention challenges
+ A depth and breadth of experience as an educational leader and manager, teacher, coach, therapist, and curriculum and instructional designer, spread across various not-for-profit and corporate education sectors including primary and secondary mainstream education, recreation and education for the disabilities field, state and local community services, the Job Network and Employment agencies, and Vocational Education & Training
+ An obsession for knowledge and understanding of diverse pedagogy and their effective impact on learning for children with diverse styles of learning
+ My fearless commitment to advocate for children who struggle in mainstream education, and
+ My intense desire to create a solid solution for these children to STOP the pain and wasted opportunities for children who could otherwise thrive, shine and impact the world in inspiring ways!

What lies ahead for your teen? 

As the HEAD of E-GEN, my role is to map and direct the course of life-changing learning and development opportunities for your child’s journey with us and to prepare them for what lies beyond E-GEN.

Together with an extraordinary crew of captains on board guiding your teen’s learning and development, your child will be well prepared for the next stage of their pathway, whether it be to:

> enrol at a mainstream school for VCE or VCAL in Year 10, 11 or 12,
> enrol into a university course for younger students
> move on to a TAFE education to specialise in a chosen field of interest(s),
> step into a voluntary or paid work position,
> begin an entrepreneurial career as a business owner,
> move to part-time or full-time home-schooling, or
> continue with our academy if we have expanded and can offer places for 17 to 19 year old Learners.