E-Gen  encompasses a wide community of individuals and groups, including facilitators of wellbeing, leadership, and other numerous skillsets, industry skills experts, professional service providers, and community and business mentors and leaders, all sharing the same intentions and goals to inspire, support, and contribute to the healthy existence and evolution of the E-Gen  community. As E-Gen  evolves, our E-Gen  Leadership team will also emerge and grow to respond in appropriate ways to support the vision, mission, and needs of our community. 

Introducing the wonderful human elements in our current community….. 







Michelle directs the vision, culture, and development of E-Gen , including planning, development, and scheduling of Learning, Wellbeing, and Leadership Experiences. She also facilitates some of the experiences. Michelle recruits, coaches, and mentors E-Gen  facilitators and support team members, engages in whole community relationships including with parents, mentors, industry specialists, and community stakeholders, and manages the daily operation of E-Gen .
Michelle has a depth and breadth of experience spanning over 30 years in the fields of community, mainstream, corporate, and adult education, wellbeing, hospitality, and small business and corporate leadership and management.

Michelle Heriot

vision,Thought & Action Leader, founded and established E-Gen in 2020

She is a dynamic and inspiring Vision, Thought & Action Leader in the field of alternative and diverse education, wellbeing, and leadership solutions for youth and adults. She is a fierce advocate for the neuro-divergent population. Being neuro-diverse herself, and having experienced her own educational challenges, with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD, Michelle is deeply versed and passionate about paving empowering pathways for those children who possess diverse learning and processing styles that are not catered for, nor celebrated in mainstream education.    

Michelle has travelled an extensive career path through numerous industry sectors including community and not-for-profit organisations, wellbeing and wellness centres, disability service providers, job and career support providers, small businesses, government, and corporate enterprises, and secondary, TAFE, RTO, and corporate education organisations. 

Across her career she has performed various roles including Secondary and TAFE Teaching, VET Trainer & Assessor, Mentor, Industry Skills Coach, Creativity & Wellbeing Coach, Music & Arts Therapist, Leadership and Management roles, Secondary and Tertiary Curriculum and Program Designer and Writer, Recruitment, HR Consultant, and Entrepreneurial Business Owner three times over (each in different areas of education). Michelle has also managed to invest time in her own art and design practice and has been represented in various art exhibitions. Additionally, she plays the piano and guitar, has sung solo and in choirs, played volleyball for NSW and Australia, and is in the process of authoring in multi-authored and her own books being published in 2022 and 2023. 

Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design, Monash University
Postgraduate in Education, Melbourne University
NLP Practitioner Coach, Fire Up Coaching
Certificate IV in Business & Personal Coaching, Fire Up Coaching
Cert IV Training & Assessment, Holmesglen TAFE
MBIT Coach Practitioner, Communications Plus
Enneagram Accreditation, Communications Plus
Per-K Practitioner, Source Creations
Reiki Practitioner, Level 1, Soulworks
Working With Children Certificate

Michelle’s qualifications and certifications include:

Since 2020, Michelle has been home educating with her teenage son, teaching, coaching, and mentoring children and teens in the areas of design, creativity, mindset, and emotional intelligence. 

“I realised my life purpose many years ago – it grew out of the adverse educational experiences, being a neurodiverse learner in a soul-crushing mainstream education. My life purpose has driven my vision to establish an educational culture that caters for all styles of learners – one that inspires curiosity and reflective and innovative thinking, that engages the whole person, which is inclusive and empowering, and that leads to a life and love of learning. This dream is now alive, realised and evolving as E-Gen . I’m deeply excited to be holding the E-Gen compass, paving the path for E-Gen  youth and families who will significantly inspire and impact their communities and the world around them!”  

e-gen LEADER








Louise Keramaris is responsible for maintaining a sustainable foundation of the E-Gen values and culture, as well as supporting the development and nurturing of relationships internally and externally to E-Gen, and contributing to the over-arching governance that is being established. 

Louise Keramaris

E-GEN Leader

Governance & FACILITATOR

Louise Keramaris is a passionate, result-focused experienced coach, mentor, facilitator, and strategist, specialising in personal growth and career development. Her last 8 years have been specifically focused on coaching people from diverse areas of life and backgrounds to meet their goals in their careers, business, and life more broadly. She has over 20 years’ experience in senior leadership roles across education, early childhood, Aboriginal Affairs, aged Care (community based) primary health, disability, sport and recreation, crisis support counselling and community services sectors in Commonwealth, State, and local government.
Louise brings to E-Gen, the qualities of positive strategic leadership, a deep understanding of the needs of multiple and diverse stakeholders, and the importance of fostering a culture of integrity, transparency, accountability, and quality improvement.

Louise’s experience in leading change across government has given her unique insights into the psychology and mindsets that are the most adaptive, flexible, and resilient in both managing self and the change process. Louise’s level of compassion and emotional intelligence enhances her ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds and careers to draw out their values, support the right thinking and empower each person to lead more satisfying careers and lives.

Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, Fire Up Coaching
Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching, Fire Up Coaching
Graduate Diploma of Recreation, RMIT
Bachelor of Arts (Sociology, English Literature and Biology), Monash University
Certificate in Train the Trainer, Blair Singer Academy (Success Resources Inc.)
Certificate in Master Facilitator, Blair Singer Academy (Success Resources Inc.)

Louise’s qualifications and certifications include: 


We value our young people and their voice within the E-Gen  Community.

our young people

Central to our E-Gen community is a diverse group of young people, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years. Among them are individuals with various styles of learning, unique personalities and characteristics, and a multitude of desires and interests.
Our Learning, Wellbeing, and Leadership Orientations offer multi-sensory approaches through our teaching, coaching, and mentoring, where each young person, regardless of learning and processing diversities, can be confident to achieve fulfilling experiences with us.




Family leaders are the child’s partner in learning.

family leaders

We recognise and respect family leaders as the primary educators and advocators for their young people. We value the contribution and impact of family leaders on young people’s lives, and we strive to support, extend, and expand on their young people’s life experiences.
As home educators, family leaders are the child’s partner in learning. Where relevant, we encourage them to be an active role in their child’s development during E-Gen’s Learning, Wellbeing, and Leadership experiences. Participation during experiences provides deep insight and awareness of the process and outcomes achieved by their child.

Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Carers

Our facilitators are exceptional. 

our facilitators

Our facilitators are exceptional – experts in the fields they teach, coach, and mentor. They are deeply compassionate and trustworthy, and live the E-Gen values inside-out. Coupled with being extraordinary facilitators of learning, wellbeing, and leadership, our facilitators are perfect leaders to guide and nurture young people’s growth, intelligence, and wisdom.
Each young person’s unique way of learning and developing is centric to the path that they travel with their facilitator.
The role of E-Gen facilitators is to teach, coach, guide, and mentor each young person on their journey through learning, wellbeing, and leadership.
During an individual and group experience, the facilitator collaborates with each young person, engaging through deep listening, enquiring with curiosity, and observing opportunities to guide and encourage expansion and multiple perspectives of what is being explored.
Our facilitators begin each interaction with the young person with encouragement, meeting them at their place and space of intelligence, be it, their learning style, processing mode, academic interest, physical capability, or emotional state, and they guide them through expansion to emergence.
Parents and young people can be confident of the expertise of our facilitators, who are well qualified, equipped and experienced in their field and in the skillsets of teaching, coaching, tutoring, and mentoring. They are strong believers in alternative ways of educating. They are curious, compassionate and passionate, creative, flexible, attentive, motivating, and have a deep understanding of the diverse interests, needs and learning styles across our community. 

If you would like to explore a Facilitation role with us, please reach out and contact us. 

Our Support Members are a valuable and essential part of our E-Gen community. 

our support members

Our Support Members are a valuable and essential part of our E-Gen community. They volunteer their time, skillsets, and passion to enable greater engagement and expanded educational experiences. They support each Facilitator during workshops, programs, and events. 

If you would like to explore a Facilitation role with us, please reach out and contact us. 

our extended community

An integral and essential aspect of E-Gen’s offering is the involvement of community outside of home-education. Industry specialists from the community, are invited to share their experiences and expertise, to collaborate with, facilitate, and add value to the development of our young people, and to support the parents in their role of parenting.
We welcome these individuals and organisations to our community.

our pet community

Pets are essential companions. They teach us many life lessons. They each contribute in their unique way to meet our needs, be it for company, learning about care and compassion, for stress and anxiety regulation, observing behaviour and personality differences, nutritional fertisliser for our garden, and the production of eggs from chickens provide us food. They provide these and so much more. 
E-Gen is the home of some delightfully cuddly and entertaining pets – a dog and cat, and a family of rabbits.
We will soon welcome a group of hens and incubating chicks, to our pet family.

Our mentors share our vision, values, and passion for learning, wellbeing, & leadership. 

industry mentors

Our community of mentors share our vision, values, and passion for life-related and meaningful learning, wellbeing, and leadership. We select our mentors who we believe have the breadth and depth of experience relevant to the goals and direction our young people are seeking, and which also include guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modelling.

If you would like to explore a Mentor role with us, please reach out and contact us.