"I don’t know what you did but he is in the best mood ever."

"I just wanted to send a quick message to you to thank you for letting our (anonymous) sit with you last night. She mentioned when she came home that she had felt overwhelmed, and you helped her with it. Thank you so much for doing so. We have been working hard to overcome her shyness and again, can’t thank you enough for the support and time you give her. She told me that even though she was overwhelmed it was 'cool' cause she knows you get her.”

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Anonymous (Parent of 9-year-old) 

"I don’t know what you did but he is in the best mood ever. I haven’t seen him this happy and chatting for ages! He even said ‘I feel so joyful right now!’ He really really liked his Artful Minds session with you. And he also loves having the bunnies and cat around, they make him feel at home. I just can’t believe it. He just asked if he can definitely see you again next week. He’s never this keen to do anything! I was really nervous expecting him to not like it because he never likes anything!"

Kirstie (mother of 12-year-old Artful Minds participant) 

I believe that every child has the right to thrive and shine! 

Michelle Heriot


"Michelle has brought out so much confidence in my son, we can't believe how much he has developed in the two terms he has been going to Artful Minds. He has had very low low self-esteem, believing he's not good at anything. We can't believe how excited he is to go to his classes. Michelle has been amazing; we cannot thank her enough!"

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“I have practiced guided meditation for years. Never have I been more relaxed and calmer than when exploring my creativity in this class.
It’s the most at peace and free
I have felt in years.”

“Michelle has been working with my daughter for almost two years and has built a wonderful relationship with her. Michelle has such expertise, compassion, and kindness. She communicates well, has instilled confidence in my daughter, and is respectful of her boundaries. She provides a safe, supportive environment to be creative and explore emotions but without pressure - it’s comfortable to be quiet or equally comfortable to talk about feelings. Michelle is skilled at noticing my daughter’s responses and emotions and adjusting as necessary with kindness and patience. She often checks in with me to see how my daughter is feeling afterward and offers input, which I highly regard and appreciate. She is always deeply respectful, kind, and caring. We value our sessions with Michelle and highly recommend her."

Caitlin (mother of 11-year-old Artful Minds participant)

Yvette (parent  participant)

Kim (mother of 8-year-old participant)

“I have been at war with my brain for a long time. Ten years of acute mental health problems, extensive therapy, and healing and finally I am nearly 'me' again. I attended the Artful Women Workshop as a form of self-imposed art therapy. I needed a way to express what had happened inside my brain, what had happened within myself, how I am on my way to being a whole person. With Michelle's guidance, thoughtfulness, support and mentoring I was able to create an artwork that left me feeling proud and accomplished. When I look at it, I can see the journey I have taken and am left feeling hopeful and positive. I cannot thank her enough.” 

Anonymous (parent participant) 


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