E-Gen began in 2020 with Michelle Heriot’s life-long and strong desire to reform education. 

E-Gen  allows for learners to engage and be inspired and motivated to shine and thrive, in complete contrast to the mainstream education paradigm that does not cater for a diverse range of needs.




Life related learning

I believe learning must have a life-related purpose and meaning for the learner to engage. Learning must be inspiring and experienced in a way that each learner will process in their unique way, what they need to learn.
Opportunities for deep, meaningful, and expanded learning must be provided relative to each young person's relationship with life in that moment in time.  

Michelle Heriot

Founder and LEADER of E-Gen

Our solution to the education dilemma

With growing numbers of families feeling frustrated, disempowered, and disillusioned, they are turning towards home-education as an alternative solution.
E-Gen provides home-educated children, tweens, and teens, experiential learning options in one-on-one and small groups, across a range of learning areas. These are facilitated by experts from our community of leaders, teachers, mentors, coaches, and parents.


The vision of E-Gen began generating in 2020 after a 50-year incubating period of personal education experience and observation, and research and development, urged my deep desire to reform the way in which young people learn.
Across these years I’ve witnessed a growing swell of children disengaging and school refusing, suffering from education anxiety, boredom, and confusion. A minimisation of innate abilities and nurturing of unique intelligence. Suffocating in a system that rushes the individual’s natural learning process, expecting fast and furious outcomes. Reduced investment of time to develop curiosity, creativity, and innovative thinking. Children being expected to follow the status quo, to abandon their uniqueness, to fit inside a box within a system that is founded on outdated and disserving beliefs and values.
I’ve seen families left struggling to cope on their own with the mental health aftermath of these experiences. There is no doubt that the education system is contributing to the rise in child anxiety, bullying, and trauma. Its time for a different approach, one that inspires, nurtures, encourages, respects, values, validates, and believes in our young people! Time to change!
I could not continue to witness generations of youth losing their way, their identities, self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, and potential, due to a system that does not invest in what is required to guide, nurture, and prepare them for life.
So, I took responsibility into my hands, heart, and soul, and made a conscious decision to make E-Gen my purpose - to establish a space where children would feel safe and encouraged to explore their interests, inspired to learn at their own pace towards achieving self-mastery, and their true natural potential. One that would provide for the healthy social, physical, academic, creative, emotional, and spiritual (self-actualisation) development of these children.
E-Gen is now alive, allowing learners to engage and be inspired and motivated to shine and thrive, and I am extremely passionate and driven to expand the potential for our young generations and their families and communities to create what IS possible. 

Reforming education

If we are NOT a school, what are we?

We are a family and a community. We respect each other.
We are diverse in our thinking. We consider.
We sing, we play, we move, we love to explore nature, we innovate and invent.
We are curious and have fun creating.
We love nature and our garden, we have friendly pets, we enjoy picnics. We dream.
We like discovering how things work, we question, we push boundaries.
We live today as a new day of possibilities, and we impact the lives of those we touch.
We are E-Gen.