Are you considering home-education?
E-Gen Transition Mentoring makes it easy

you are not alone… 

Stressed or anxious about learning onsite or online
School refusing
Disengaging socially and emotionally
Losing confidence and self-worth
Being bullied
Suffering ongoing trauma
Not seen for who they are
Worried about returning from lockdown to onsite school
Not learning the way they need to learn
Not realising a full range of potential

does this sound like your child?

If you are considering home-education either full-time or partial, you are not alone. If online school at home is not working for your child, you are not alone. If you cannot stomach your child doing another term, or another year of traditional school – you are not alone. There is a huge community of home-educators just like you who have made the transition and are thriving on the other side.

IMAGINE A PLACE WHERE YOUR CHILD lights up in every way…

Make the decision to stay, leave or create a hybrid solution
Advise the school of your decision
Register your child for home education
Assess your child’s learning style, strengths, and areas for further development
Decide which type of home-schooling may suit your child and family
Create a learning environment and routine that will support your child’s learning
Design a lesson plan, including aligned resource options, that will meet your child’s learning style, needs and interests
Prepare yourself and your child to make a smooth transition and thrive

We’ve been there. We understand and can help you

Making the move from permanent mainstream education is a huge (and exciting) life change for your family

1. The advice you provide the school of your intention to leave
2. The VRQA Registration process
3. A list of home education groups, helpful organisations, and additional information that will help get you started during your transition
4. Understanding your child’s learning style and needs, interests and motivators
5. Determining the best home education style for your child and family
6. Designing your child’s Learning Plan and aligned resource options that match your needs and budget
7. Creating a culture of home-based learning
8. Create a learning routine that will support your child’s learning
9. Ongoing support for as long as you need

e-gen transition mentoring will guide you with

Qualified coaches who have years of experience
Genuine care and individual guidance for you and your child
A seamless home education registration and orientation process
We stay with you all the way, for as long as you want us to

E-Gen Transition Mentoring provides you

*Our mentoring service is provided as a ‘no-fee’ basis for the initial phase of transition. This phase may be done independently of E-Gen Coaches if you choose.
*A fee is charged for specialist advise, including a review of your child’s learning style and needs, provision of aligned home education resources, and advise on establishing an appropriate learning environment and culture for your child and family. 

Egenerative education
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E-Generative Education

E-Gen provides dynamic home-education experiences for kids 6-18 years and their families.

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